And the spirit entered into me when he spake unto me, and set me upon my feet, that I heard him that spake unto me.(Ezekiel 2:2)  

You are left dumbstruck in awe when the mighty hand of the very crucified & resurrected Christ is commanding you! Thus is the power of Lord Jesus Christ signified in our life through his Holy Spirit. Way back in the early 1960s I was born into a poor peasant family in a poverty stricken land of Orissa. Miraculously I stood up among all odds in my life through the Holy Spirit (developing in my inner self day by day) whom being a Hindu I didn’t knew at that time. Such was the condition of our family that we used to share one bowl of cereal and few breads & even they had to think of the other day. It was really difficult for my father to support such a large family comprising of 4 sons & 2 daughters but still God cares & so he provided me with high school education, to meet my end I even used to plough the fields and carry the vegetables to the market. Not to mention I got my first pair of slippers during my college days only.  Lord’s planning he went on to the join the Indian Air Force. And my selection among 30 from around 1000 applicants is the biggest @ a time when Orissa was submerged under flood waters. Chosen by Christ from a devil-blinded state of Orissa my quest for true God with the indigestible question, ‘Why the one who has created everything get birth on this earth with the help of a sinful father’? was the starting point .As Lord spoke to Prophet Ezekiel So while returning from duty I came across a Christian airman explaining the Biblical truth of Christ’s birth through virgin Mary to his colleagues,& meanwhile I heard a voice from heaven calling me to follow him. Wasting no time I met that believer (NOW A PASTOR)& started going to Church & soon took baptism .From that day to this very day the God has utilized me to evangelize his message across various Stations I was posted .I used to spread the gospel & in his job period though it was unlawful @ air force but I used to gather air force employees and run cottage meeting .I even defied the law & used to have distributed 30000 gospel tracts  across Poona, Madras & Chandigarh in my job days. I worked as an aeronautical engineer and while in air force completed my  Graduation & post graduation in Personal Management.Besides I thank God for honoring me with doctorate degree (PhD) in ministry from INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF CHURCH MANAGEMENT, Tambaram, Madras, India. Now I am voluntarily retired from Indian air force and is currently the senior pastor of BETHEL APOSTOLIC ASSEMBLIES IN WEST BENGAL.I am blessed with wife Sis.Sukanti & 2 children Rebecca aged 19(pursuing electrical engineering) and Caleb aged 17(@ high school) respectively. Sis.Sukanti is also a devout servant of Christ who received Christ in her death bed at the tender age of 18 when she was suffering from Chronic tuberculosis .Her disease compelled her to cease from appearing @ class 10th exam but later she went on to clinch first division. Her acceptance of Christ drew fierce opposition from her family and even she was neglected in comparison to others. The money & property named after her was snatched from her but still her strong faith in Lord enabled her to win her mother & sister in Christ. Surely Lord turns our life from ashes into his heavenly beauty. She used to serve first as a nurse then a teacher but she left alike her husband these jobs to meditate in ministering Christ. Lord has blessed her with weapons of visions, dreams essential for the extension of Lord Jesus Christ’s Kingdom. Pray for us  so we get utilized more & more in Christ equipped with gifts &fruits of Holy Spirit.ALSO MAY LORD BLESS  BETHEL APOSTOLIC ASSEMBLIES HERE IN WEST BENGAL THROUGH US N MANY LIVES BE SAVED.Hallelujah, Amen!!!!!!!!!!!

Pastor Dr.T.Pradhan

Bethel Apostolic Assemblies,West Bengal


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